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We are all aware of the benefits of exercise for our bodies - for toning up, strength, stamina, health and general well-being - but for most of us, exercise and therefore the benefits, seems to stop at our necks. Clearly we don't totally ignore our necks and faces, but we tend to look after this area of our bodies in a totally different way, from the outside in - with serums, moisturisers and masks - rather than from the inside out.


There are 57 muscles in your face and neck area that you can strengthen, tone and relax just like you do with your body. By gently stimulating and massaging these muscles, the benefits to your skin, face and general well-being are many, including:


  • reduced lines and wrinkles

  • more defined jawline and cheeks

  • more symmetry, lift and definition to the face

  • improved circulation and reduced puffiness and dark circles

  • boosting toxin removal

  • facilitating lymphatic drainage

  • relieving facial tension and promoting relaxation


The Face Yoga techniques will help lift, tone and sculpt your face, resulting in plumper, firmer, glowing skin, all done naturally, at your fingertips.

We run 4 week face yoga courses and/or a  2 hour face yoga workshop during the term. As with any exercise, you will need to do these techniques regularly (5-6 days a week for the first 28 days) to see results.


Contact us for dates and more information.

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