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The Reformer is no passing fad, it has been around since World War I when Joseph Pilates developed the concept for bed ridden patients to exercise despite their illnesses. The Reformer is a traditional piece of equipment which looks like a bed on a sliding carriage, but loaded with springs, ropes and pulleys. It can assist, resist, support, challenge and strengthen the body, making fundamental changes to the way the body works, feels and looks. You will be amazed at how quickly this incredibly powerful piece of equipment tones and sculpts your body with dramatic results.


Pilates on the Reformer allows the teacher to view the client in a symmetrical grid, creating an ideal environment for correcting alignment and symmetry, and as the Reformer works mostly in a closed chain environment, this feedback helps the client feel correct and incorrect alignment more easily. The resistance created by the pulley system can provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than on the mat and is often considered more dynamic and intense than the mat, sculpturing your body and producing visible results sooner.

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