Thank you so much for yesterday's session. Even though I have watched you giving
my daughter 1:1 sessions and seen the impact you've had on her life, I wasn't prepared
for the emotional feeling that someone was listening, empathising and understanding my
issues, rather than rolling their eyes and quite clearly thinking "you've had three children,
so you have a mummy tummy, get over it ".

I loved my 1:1 session so much and it was such a joy to learn how to correctly position my body so that it can heal itself and to find out the parts I thought I'd lost are still there - I just need to know how to make them work.

Thank you also for the notes, a huge help as my fuzzy brain can only hold small amounts of information at a time. I will practice as mush as I can.

- Jo F

Pilates rebalances and re-educates the body, allowing it to move well. It strengthens deep, core muscles around the
tummy and waist and relieves tension by releasing tight muscles particularly around the back, neck and hips.

Whether you are a newcomer to exercise, recovering from injury, or want to enhance your current exercise regime,
Pilates is suitable for all ages and all abilities. At Horsley Pilates, we are experienced in bone health and experts in Parkinson's and scoliosis.

We are trained in the Body Control Pilates method, widely recognised as the benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality. It is Europe's largest professional pilates association.


We offer 1:1 and small group mat classes - never more than 8 in a class -  as well as 1:1 reformer and cadillac sessions so

that you can truly benefit from our individual attention, hands-on expertise and experience.



Teacher and Founder

I believe that Pilates really is for ‘everyone’ and that there are simply no boundaries in your way. It can be adapted to suit anyone and everyone. Whatever your age or sporting ability from the exercise phobic to the elite sports person. Pilates will enable you to not only achieve, but enhance your wellbeing and gain a better quality

of life.


It inspires me to analyse the way people move. I am constantly amazed by everyone’s infinite movement potential. My thirst for knowledge challenges and excites me, endlessly. It fuels my passion to enable clients to reach their full movement potential , encouraging them to discover what their bodies are truly capable of achieving.

If someone asked me to find one word that sums up Pilates my answer would be “I can’t”. There are just too many. I love: it’s power, it’s strength, its discipline, it’s attention to detail , it’s mindfulness, how it works both the mental and physical in tandem, and it’s healing power.

Or as a truly inspirational international Pilates presenter  - Anula Maiberg puts it more philosophically:

"We are all combating two things, all day, every day: mortality and gravity, both of these things are going in a single direction. I get paid to teach my students to fight both and as a result be less afraid".




I qualified as a Pilates Instructor in 2014, prior to which I worked in online communications and in travel sales and marketing.  Having practised Pilates for many years myself, and seeking part-time work to fit in with family life, I decided to make doing what I love into a career.

I love being a Pilates teacher because I love to teach people how to move better and feel better, I enjoy the interaction with my clients in a group or 1-1 setting, and I love the flexibility (excuse the pun!) of my job. 

Claire will be teaching our beginners/improvers classes on Wednesdays from January 2020.




Alice enjoyed a career in the Fashion Industry and took up Pilates after suffering with lower back pain. Commuting, long hours and being away from her daughter Iris, made Alice long for a flexible working life and something more rewarding so she took the plunge and trained with
Body Control Pilates. Always trying to bring a sense of fun and passion to each class while allowing client's to really master the technique and understand the point of an exercise, she believes this helps to develop an increased awareness of the body and it's workings.

Alice will be going on maternity leave in December.




Anne-Marie started her Pilates journey in 2011, when she joined
a mat class and was immediately captivated.  She soon realised that
at the end of each and every class
she felt not only stronger, leaner
and fitter, but also calmer and more able to cope with the demands of young family. Intrigued by the transformative lightness and clarity
of her own movement, she decided
to deepen her understanding and train as a Body Control Pilates teacher. She is passionate that
Pilates should be for everybody
and believes it will enhance anybody’s physical and mental wellbeing as it has her own.


Anne-Marie teaches our mens class at Horsley Sports Club on Monday evenings.



Marketing & Admin

Before moving out of London 10 years ago to raise a family, Rebecca's previous life was in branding and marketing. She has been a Horsley Pilates convert for over three years and jumped at the chance to work behind the scenes on the day-to-day client liason, marketing and admin side of the business last year. She is also the owner of Wilbur, the office dog and Horsley Pilates running buddy.


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